Saturday, June 16, 2007

Parents Meeting

Coach Patty's School of Gymnastics, Zero Gravity Gymnastics, Gravity All-Stars Cheer in Camarillo will have a parents meeting on Tuesday June 19th at 7:30 p.m.

We will be going over the upcomming schedule, and select board members for the non-profit organization at our gym.

Coach Patty

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Gym Event Schedule Online

Hey all

We have posted the gym calander for events and closure dates on line.

Coach Patty's School of Gymnastics Calander of events.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Another Gymnastics Gym Falls to Football

Recently I read an article that Wilson High School in Long Beach California will be converting their gymnastics gym so the school can install a new weight training facility. As per the article, the reason for the change is that they need to accommodate more students for their general physical education classes.

Read the Article here

Perhaps I'm a bit of old school, or maybe too close to gymnastics, but I really don't understand how a weight room opens physical education to more students. Sure weight training is necessary for students that wish to pursue sports that require aggressive muscle development, (i.e. football, wrestling, etc,) where building bulk may be necessary. But not every student participates in these sports, in fact only a very small percentage of any schools population does. And of course weight training programs can be a positive physical activity that students can benefit from. But to muscle out gymnastics I don't feel is moving in the right direction.

I feel for the gymnastic students, parents, and coaches in this case, however as a gym owner myself, I understand that gymnastics is not for everyone. In fact only a select few show long term interest in the sport. However no sport can offer a greater all around physical development than gymnastics.

Football, baseball, and basketball are still the powerhouse sports in any high school, all other sports take a back seat to their needs. All the major cities in this country have a professional team in one or all of these sports, So interest is obviously higher. But does this define what physical education programs our schools should adapt.

These are team sports in which in order for them to succeed they need the cooperation and coordination of every member to do their individual part in order to win. So each player develops a specific training program that will enhance their responsibility for the team. How many tackles practice throwing a football, and how many quarterbacks are trying to bulk up so they can tackle. This is my point. The focus is on only one area of personal physical development.

Obesity is a the real problem with our children today. Most of this is due to a poor diet, and inactive lifestyle. For this reason, the state has been putting pressure on school districts to require greater participation in physical education. Perhaps because our current governor is a former body builder that schools may look into increase their weight rooms. Adding a weight room so that students can learn how to bulk up and increase protein intake, somehow doesn't add up. I'm not saying that weight room is a bad idea, Just is it the right choice for a school?

If the high school is that concerned about the health and well being of the student, then perhaps they should develop an all around health and exercise program for their students.

Gymnastics has always focused strength development by using ones own body weight, Perhaps the school system should require that students take a semester of gymnastics, not a semester of weight training.

Its time for gymnastics coaches to start educating the public about the benefits of the sport beyond the actual events. The benefits of gymnastics can be transferred to all sports so therefore as a sport is more suitable for general physical education.

Just look at what a student gains in gymnastics. Strength, Agility, Balance, coordination. Self esteem and acrobatics, just to name a few of the benefits. So I suggest that Wilson High School should require all of its students to take one semester of gymnastics. Who knows maybe with some of them gymnastics may Stick!!

Coach Patty
Happy Handstands!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Trampoline Safety

I would like to cover the subject of trampoline safety. A number of our students currently have their own personal trampolines at home, and since we have two trampolines here at my gym I thought that I could share some valuable saftey tips.

Trampoline are a very usefull tool for us to help train our athletes, It allows greater air time for them to learn new skills. However it can be a dangerous apparatus if used incorrectly.

We all know how our children love to jump, heck its fun for me as well. But with injuries on the rise we all need to be carfull and follow some very simple safety rules. The rules outlined are the same as our rules in the gym.

The most important rule is ONLY ONE PERSON ALLOWED ON THE TRAMPOLINE AT ANY TIME. This is also the rule most children violate. When you have multible people using a trampoline, or just one jumping and the rest sitting, collisions are guarenteed to happen. When two people use the trampoline, the person weighing less is 5 times more likely to be injured than the heavier person.

Do not jump off the trampoline to another surface, If the trampoline is elevated then the height will be much greater. Make sure you have addiquate padding around the trampoline as well.

Spotters are a must, if a child gets too close to the edge a spotter may be necessary to prevent a serious collision or fall.

Proper training is necessary if a child wishes to learn flips and complex skills.

Here are a couple of links that also provide similar information on trampoline safety.

University of Michigan Medical Dept.

Safe Kids

US Goverment Consumer Safety Alert

At Coach Patty's School of Gymnastics we do enforce these rules. Remember it only takes a split second for a serious accident, so enforcing safe rules is a must.

Coach Patty

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bringing home the Gold at Spirals

Spirals Competition ResultsMonday, May 14, 2007Final Competition results for the spring and fall season. The final meet for the Girls Gymnastics Competition Team "Zero Gravity" was held UCSB this past Sat.

Coach Patty's School of Gymnastics was the only Gymnastics Club in Camarillo to compete.
Bringing home bronze medals in every event including the all around was Crista Walters and Yalda Farohki!This being the 2nd competition ever, made me very proud, however not too surprised. I knew from the time these two girls ever took a lesson from me, that they would be someone to represent the best of Southern California and I was eager to be named their coach. Good Job Girls!

Placing in the top five in every event....Riley Hill and Thalia Sotello. As I watched them salute on the awards podium, I got a glimpse of the future, down the line of experience, how far each of these fine gymnasts would shoot in to the top of world with their talent and dedication! Having to begin your Vault practice from the back parking lot into the gym didn't seem to bother DestinyGreene all that much as she brought home the Gold in that event with a score of 9.25! Good Going Destiny! You are the bomb!!!

Earlier this season, Sean Casey came to me and stated that we must do something about these middle of the road rankings...and his daughter Shannon pulled it through to true! With top three in all events, as well as Floor Exercise Champion and a Silver in the Over All, Shannon is Crowned the Zero Gravity Queen of the Season!

I am very Proud!
Coach Patty

Thursday, April 5, 2007

New Cheer Program Beginning at Coach Patty's School of Gymnastics

Hey All,

We are happy to announce that Coach Patty's former Gymnastic Student, Nathan Ortega will be joining our gym and head up a new Cheerleading Program. Nathan has coached cheer at other gym such as Bladez in Camarillo and Cal Force in Ventura.

Starting in May we will have a Junior & Senior Cheerleading classes, These classes are open for everyone. Tryout will be in August in time to prepare for the competition season.

All cheer Students will also receive one Tumbling class per week. Because of this we hve expanded our tumbling program, and now offer 3 levels, Beginning, Advance and Power Tumbling.

If interested call us at 805.383.9460

Coach Patty's School of Gymnastics
912 Pancho Road
Camarillo CA 93012

Saturday, March 31, 2007

cheer tumbline workshop

Hey Pinecones,

We are going to have a cheerleading workshop on April 15th from 11:00 to 3:00. Coach Nathan who has traveled the country will offer this at our gym. I'm real excited about this and hope we have a lot of students sign up.

Fee is only $25.00.

Please let me know if you find this interesting enough. If so we will do this as well.

Also some parents have suggested if we could offer a dance class, most likely hip-hop. Looking for some ideas here so help me.

Coach Patty
Happy handstands